Shelter 241-S 6 in. Last Punch Nylon Power Weight Lifting Belt & Back Support Belt Black - Small

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Many of the best exercises in the gym require a correct pattern of recruitment of the abdominals (including the oblique and transverse abdominal). With beginners, weight belts circumvent their learning of how to squeeze their abs tightly and in the right ways during a heavy lift. The belt just takes over. Whether you’re looking for the best weight lifting belts for crossfit, are more interested in belts that can improve your power lifting performance, or simply want to add strength and stability during your cardio workouts, you are at right place.


  • Introducing our premium Black weight lifting belt, made out of extremely tough Nylon which will last you the duration of your training days. Our belts are heavily double stitched for maximum durability and longevity. Don’t be caught buying inferior imitation products which cut corners in their manufacturing process resulting in a poor quality product which falls apart after a few months of use.
  • Weightlifting Belt supports the torso and spine during cross-training and other training sessions, especially with heavy lifting. It helps to maintain torso alignment to avoid injuries.
  • Weight Lifting Power Lifting Back Support Belt
  • 100% Durable Nylon Material
  • Mixed Material
  • Hand Wash
  • Imported